One day you might need

that thing again

Keep the stuff you really love. Store the rest.
Too good to throw out? Not a problem. We have plenty of space for all the stuff that
you can’t find room for at home. We’ll safeguard it 24/7, short term or long term, in a
clean facility. All you have to do is pick the unit you prefer. Keep

2 smarter solutions:

1. Storage room

Mindfulness from only 29€ a month

Get a room. Small or big. Come and go as you like. We’re open from 5am to midnight.
  • Easy access
  • 100% safe
  • Fair price

2. Storage Box

dsv storage storage box

Box your stuff and decide
what we should do with it

In many cases this is the smarter and cheaper solution. Once you have filled the Storage Box you can decide if we should take it to another address. Or to a remote storage facility. Or you can keep it in.

  • Order the storage box
  • Fill it
  • Wave goodbye
  • Order it back when you need it

Where did I put that damn key app?

When you choose DSV Smarter Storage you can access the facilities with an app. This means you will always have your secure, mobile entry key at hand.

Storage room

Storage box

Need sizing help?

Size does matters. You shouldn’t pay for more than you need. Use this tool to determine what will be the best solution for you.

And the there’s the records that I only listen to on rare occations...

“Yes, I’m running out of space! So at this very moment I’m going through my whole collecion, trying to decide what I can and cannot do without listening to on a regular basis.

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Why store with us?


Get the storage you need. No more,
no less. Come to us or let us come
to you.

More affordable

Fair prices and different solutions
to fit your needs and budget.

Safe, secure and accessible

Rest assured that the new and secured
facility will keep your stuff safe. You
have access to the Storage Rooms 365
days a year from 5am to midnight.