Storage tips and tricks

Keep your furniture and paintings in tiptop shape while stored

Self-storage is a great short- or long-term solution while you work out what to do with the extra furniture, paintings and other
knick knacks you find yourself with.

But to ensure you get everything back in peak condition, be sure to follow these simple steps for smarter storage:

Climate control is your friend. If you have leather goods they can get discolored and affected by mildew.Wood and glass items can also be negatively affected by fluctuating temperatures. So, consider climate control if you know your items will be in storage over differing seasons.
If you can, take as much apart as possible.This will give you vital extra space as well as making the whole transportation and packing process a lot easier. It also helps protect your furniture, reducing the chances of a fiddley piece breaking off or scratching another item. Organization is critical here though. Ensure all the parts you need are stored together, with all screws, bolts and other fasteners sealed in named bags and taped to the respective furniture.
Ensure everything is as clean as it possibly can be before it goes into storage.Ideally, give everything a good dust, wash or wipe when it’s in one piece, then again when it’s been taken apart to really establish that every last smear has gone. This is really critical with metal items that can get tarnished build ups and oxidization stains.


All the above steps apply to your paintings too,in that you must pay attention to climate control and ensure they are properly protected. But, you must also make sure that there is enough space for them to be stored upright, individually wrapped, and placed in order of biggest to smallest. No other items should lean against the paintings. Never wrap your paintings in plastic as this can trap moisture – instead use heavy duty cloth.
Cover everything with dust sheets before you leave.This protects your furniture, while also allowing it to breathe – which is critical if you are thinking about long term storage.
Finally, put time in your diary to check up on your furniture every few months if possible,a quick peek here and there can save future heartbreak or financial loss down the line.

More tips

Think ahead and make the most of the space you have

You’ve cleaned all your goods. You’ve got all the protective material and
boxes you need. Now all you need to do is get them to the storage unit in
one piece, hope everything fits and lock the door.

Keep your clothes in excellent condition

Whether it’s ski gear, kids’ clothes or the piles of fancy dress you know will
come in handy one day, storing clothes and textiles in self-storage is a
great way to free up some much-needed space.

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